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  • Titles
  • Authors
  • Series numbers
  • Genres, Sub-genres and Time Periods
  • Special, Settings and Creatures
  • Authors' Pseudonyms
  • Groups, Sequels and Spin-offs
  • Anthologies
  • Publication Dates
  • Reissue Dates
  • Most book listings include Character names
  • Most book listings include Plot Points, or Themes
  • Most book listings include Locales, or Settings
  • Most book listings include Synopses
  • Most book listings include ISBN numbers attached
  • Publisher Name
  • Personal Book Inventory
  • Personal Shopping List
  • Make as many Personal Folders (lists) as you like
  • Add your Price and Quantity data, BYRON will calculate the totals
  • Add your Rating for each book
  • Lots of room for your Notes on each Book
  • Lots of room for your Notes on each Author
  • Export your book sale folder to sell books online
  • Test-and-Repair software for BYRON data

Not just an inventory program ...

  • BYRON is like having several romance reference books.  All on your computer!
  • BYRON cross-indexes information on old, recent, and even upcoming releases.
  • You can also add books of other genres (even non-fiction).

What BYRON is not:

  • It is not a point-of-sale program.  The fact that bookstores use it is incidental.  Point-of-sale software costs several thousand dollars and if BYRON were such, we would certainly charge much more than $120 for it.  BYRON was designed as a reference program for use by readers to keep track of their own personal book collections, what they've read and what they want to read next.
  • At this time, BYRON contains data on romance, mystery and science fiction/fantasy/horror novels only.  While you may certainly add data on whatever other books you like to your BYRON, authors such as Tom Clancy and Louis L'Amour are not represented in these databases -- but they will be in the other database we are currently working on.  (When ready, the next genre database module will be available for purchase as both a separate BYRON and as an additional module to add to existing BYRONs.) 

The BYRON Package Includes:

  • BYRON software for Win98/NT/2K/ME/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10
  • BYRON Romance, SciFi, and/or Mystery database  (please specify which)
  • Automatic Installation Program
  • Test-and-Repair software for BYRON data
  • BYRON Backup software

System Requirements:

  • IBM compatible
  • Windows (Win98/NT/2K/ME/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10)
  • Pentium or higher processor
  • 64 MB RAM, minimum
  • 200 MB available hard-disk space

BYRON's capacity is virtually unlimited, depending only on your available hard-disk space.

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