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Time Periods

(NOTE:   In order to have as few historical time periods as possible, I altered history a bit, as you may have noticed by this list.   Also, many of these periods are either interchangeable or perhaps the line between them is fuzzy.  So if you are interested in a particular time period, try several searches with related key words -- Civil War, Riverboat, or Frontier, for example -- to find the books you are seeking.)

Prehistoric ancient, ancient pre-history.
Egypt ancient Egypt.
Greece ancient Greece.
Rome ancient Rome, Roman occupation.
Judea ancient Judea, The Holy Land.
Celtic Dark Ages, end-Roman to early Medieval
(also pre-Roman Druid or Pagan).
Viking .
Sheik includes Sultan, Pasha, Harem
(contemporary Sheikhs, too).
Medieval through end-Henry VIII -- England and world.
Renaissance Elizabethan through end-Stuart   (earlier in Italy).
Outlaw includes Fugitive, Highwayman, Raider, Smuggler, Pickpocket, Robin Hood, Zorro.
Pirate includes Privateer, Sea Captain   (if onboard ship).
Georgian early-1700s up to 1799 -- includes America and world.
Colonial America, before American Revolution.
American Rev. American Revolutionary War.
French Rev. France during the French Revolution.
Regency 1800 through mid-1830s -- includes America and world.
(NOTE:   "Regency" is used here as a time period, not as a type of book.   Therefore, it includes both small "Regencies" and larger "Historicals" set during the time of the English Regency.)
War 1812 American War of 1812, war is mentioned.
Old South Antebellum American South, before Civil War, plantation.
Civil War American Civil War, war is mentioned.
Riverboat Mississippi, Amazon, or any other river or canal.
Victorian from mid-1830s to 1895 -- includes America and world.
(NOTE:   Because the "Victorian" era covered so many years, I've moved the late-Victorian time period into the Edwardian.
In BYRON, the years 1895 to 1901 is considered Edwardian.)
Frontier includes Indians, Colonial Frontier, Wild West, Gold Rush, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Yukon.
Edwardian late-Victorian, turn-of-last-century, 1895 to 1919,
through World War I.
WW1 World War I, war is mentioned.
Russian Rev. Russia during the Russian Revolution.
Chinese Rev. China during the Chinese Revolution.
1920s, 30s The 1920s and/or 1930s.
WW2 World War II, war is mentioned.
1940s, 50s The 1940s and/or 1950s.
Korean War Korean War, war is mentioned.
1960s, 70s The 1960s and/or 1970s.
Vietnam War Vietnam War, war is mentioned.
Cold War .
Near Future 21st to 22nd centuries.
Far Future beyond . . .

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