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BYRON Book Reference Database

Series Codes

&win Harlequin/Silhouette:   And the Winner Is   *
Ace Ace   (sci-fi)
AH Pinnacle:   Aston Hall Romance
AIL NAL:   Adventures in Love
amer Harlequin:   Janet Dailey Americana   *
Amor Mills & Boon:   Amore
Aph Kensington:   Aphrodesia   (erotica)
Arab Pinnacle/BET/Kimani:   Arabesque
at Angela Thirkell   *
aw Bantam:   Barbara Cartland Ancient Wisdom
B Bantam:   Barbara Cartland
baby Harlequin/Silhouette:   Babies & Bachelors U.S.A.   *
baro Romantic Times Library:   Baronet Books   *
BG Ballantine:   Birthstone Gothic
BL Virgin:   Black Lace   (erotica)
bn Harlequin:   The Best of Betty Neels   *
born Harlequin/Silhouette:   Born in the U.S.A.   *
C Dell:   Candlelight Romance
Café Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Café
Cam Barbara Cartland Camfield Romance
Capr Caprice
cc Warner:   Caroline Courtney   *
CE Dell:   Candlelight Ecstasy
Chek Virgin:   Cheek   (erotica)
CI Dell:   Candlelight Intrigue
CK Silhouette:   Crosswinds Keepsake
CL Bantam:   Circle of Love
CmeG Fawcett:   Cameo Gothic
Cmeo Fawcett:   Cameo Romance
Cot Fawcett:   Cotillion Regency
Cov Fawcett:   Coventry Regency/Historical
CR Dell:   Candlelight Regency
CS Dell:   Candlelight Supreme
CYOA Bantam:   Choose Your Own Adventure
DAW DAW   (fantasy/sci-fi)
Dawn Golden Apple:   Dawnstar Romance
DH Berkley/Diamond:   Homespun
DML Pinnacle:   Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
DocS Doc Savage   (sci-fi)
dr Denise Robins
dt Daisy Thomson
dtl Harlequin/Silhouette:   Dangerous To Love U.S.A.   *
el Bantam:   Emilie Loring   *
fam Harlequin/Silhouette:   Family   *
FMrR Avon:   Finding Mr. Right
GI Genesis:   Indigo
glh Grace Livingston Hill   *
GLS Genesis:   Love Spectrum
Glxy Galaxy Science Fiction Novel
groo Harlequin/Silhouette:   Here Come the Grooms   *
GRS Genesis:   Red Slipper
GTan Genesis:   Tango 2
gtex Harlequin/Silhouette:   Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time   *
H Harlequin Romance
HA Harlequin American
HAP Harlequin American Premiere
HB Harlequin Blaze
HC Harlequin Classic   *
HD Harlequin Duets
HDrm Harlequin/Silhouette:   Dreamscapes   *
Heat Heather Romance   (anthologies)
hero Silhouette:   American Heroes:   Against All Odds   *
HEv Harlequin Everlasting
HF Harlequin Flipside
HG Harlequin Gothic
HGB Harlequin Ginger Blossom  (Manga)
HGol Harlequin Golden Library   *
HH Harlequin Historical
HHB Harlequin Heartbeat
HHUn Harlequin Historical Undone!  (short story e-book)
HHwm Harlequin Heartwarming
HI Harlequin Intrigue
HILP Harlequin Intrigue Large Print
HInt Harlequin/Silhouette:   Intimacies   *
HLL Harlequin Love & Laughter
HLP Harlequin Romance Large Print
HM Harlequin Medical Romance
HMin Harlequin Mini  (ebook)
HMRR Harlequin Mini Round Robin  (ebook)
HN Harlequin Next
HOR House of Romance
HP Harlequin Presents
HPet Harlequin Petite
HPLP Harlequin Presents Large Print
HPR Harlequin Prescription:   Romance
HPrm Harlequin Premiere
HR Harlequin Regency
Hrth Zondervan:   Hearth
HS Harlequin Superromance
HSho Harlequin Showcase   (reissued double-books)   *
HSLP Harlequin Superromance Large Print
HSM Harlequin Stolen Moments
HT Harlequin Temptation
HTkF Harlequin Take 5   *
IAP Isaac Asimov Presents   (sci-fi)
ib Beagle:   Iris Bromige   *
JF Jove:   Friends
JHH Jove:   Haunting Hearts
JLL Jove:   Love Letters
JML Jove:   Magical Love
JOT Jove:   Our Town
JQ Jove:   Quilting Romance
JTP Jove:   Time Passages
K Meteor:   Kismet
Key Mills & Boon:   Keyhole Crime
Kim Kimani Press:   Kimani Romance
kk Popular Library:   Katheryn Kimbrough
KTru Kimani Press:   TRU   (YA)
lang Silhouette:   Nora Roberts Language of Love   *
Lasr Harlequin:   Laser   (sci-fi)
LAT Leisure/LoveSpell:   Angel's Touch
LBD Little Black Dress
LDog Leisure/LoveSpell:   It's A Dog's Life
LFT Leisure/LoveSpell:   Faerie Tale Romance
LI Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Love Inspired
libr Bantam:   Barbara Cartland Library of Love   *
LIC Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Love Inspired Classic   *
LIH Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Love Inspired Historical
LILP Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Love Inspired Large Print
LIS Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Love Inspired Suspense
LISL Harlequin/Steeple Hill:   Love Inspired Suspense Large Print
LL Zebra:   Lucky in Love
Love Ballantine:   Love & Life
LPH Leisure/LoveSpell:   Perfect Heroes
LS Bantam:   Loveswept
Luna Harlequin:   Luna   (fantasy)
lw Beagle:   Lucy Walker
LW&K Leisure/LoveSpell:   A Wink & A Kiss
M Masquerade Historical
MB Mills & Boon
MBB Mills & Boon:   Bestsellers
MBBz Mills & Boon:   Blaze
MBC Mills & Boon:   Classic  *
MBD Mills & Boon:   Desire
MBDN Mills & Boon:   Doctor Nurse
MBDu Mills & Boon:   Duets
mbdy Mills & Boon:   100th Birthday Collection  (short stories)  *
MBE Mills & Boon:   Enchanted Romance
MBH Mills & Boon:   Historical Romance
MBI Mills & Boon:   Intrigue
MBIM Mills & Boon:   Intimate
MBLA Mills & Boon:   Love Affair
MBLC Mills & Boon:   Love on Call
MBLL Mills & Boon:   Legacy of Love Historical
MBM Mills & Boon:   Medical Romance
MBNx Mills & Boon:   New Idea:   Next
MBom Mills & Boon:   Bombshell
MBP Mills & Boon:   Presents
MBQ Mills & Boon:   Quills
mbqr Mills & Boon:   Queens of Romance Collection   *
MBR Mills & Boon:   Romance  (original series)
MBRD Mills & Boon:   Red Dress Ink
MBRo Mills & Boon:   Romance  (newly restarted series)
MBRS Mills & Boon:   Romantic Suspense
MBS Mills & Boon:   Superromance
MBSE Mills & Boon:   Special Edition
MBSM Mills & Boon:   Special Moments
MBSs Mills & Boon:   Sensation
MBT Mills & Boon:   Temptation
MBUC Mills & Boon:   Ultimate Collection   *
McF MacFadden Romance
McFE MacFadden Encore   *
men Harlequin/Silhouette:   Men Made in America   *
MFav Mills & Boon:   Favourites   *
MInk Dell:   A Murder Ink Mystery
MJas Mills & Boon:   Silhouette Jasmine
MMod Mills & Boon:   Modern Romance
MPop Mills & Boon:   Reprinted by Popular Demand
MPrm Mills & Boon:   Prima New Beginnings
MQst Magic Quest - Fantasy
MReq Mills & Boon:   By Request   (reissued as anthologies)   *
MSns Mills & Boon:   Sensual Romance
MSpt Mills & Boon:   Spotlight   (reissued as anthologies)   *
MSwt Mills & Boon:   Sweet Romance
MSxS Mills & Boon:   Sexy Sensation
MSxy Mills & Boon:   Sexy Romance
MTen Mills & Boon:   Tender Romance
Mys Worldwide:   Mystique
Nex Virgin:   Nexus   (erotica)
NF Pageant:   Now and Forever
omni Harlequin:   3-in-1 Omnibus   *
OneW Ballantine:   One World
Pali Multnomah Publishers:   Palisades
PEnc Pinnacle:   Encanto
PGeH Zebra:   Precious Gem Historical
PGem Zebra:   Precious Gem
Pink Barbara Cartland Pink Collection
PJ Pyramid/Jove:   Barbara Cartland
Port Bethany House:   Portraits
Prom Thomas Nelson:   Promise Romance
Qest Tyndale:   HeartQuest
R NAL:   Rapture Romance
Ravn Worldwide:   Raven House Mystery
RBud ABC:   Rosebud Romance
RDI Red Dress Ink
Red Avon:   Red
Rhap Rhapsody Romance
Ribn NAL:   Scarlet Ribbons
RR Bantam:   Red Rose Romance
ruby Harlequin:   Betty Neels Ruby Collection   *
S Silhouette Romance
Saga Zondervan:   Serenade Saga
Saph Hamlyn:   Sapphire Romance
SB Silhouette:   Bombshell
SC Silhouette:   Classic   *
Scen Dell:   Scene of the Crime Mystery
SCh Berkley/Jove:   Second Chance at Love
SD Silhouette Desire
Sern Zondervan:   Serenade Serenata
SFEs Tor:   SciFi Essentials   (sci-fi)
SFL Silhouette First Love
Shmi Leisure/LoveSpell:   Shomi
SI Silhouette Inspirations
SIM Silhouette Intimate Moments
SiRC Simon Pulse:   Romantic Comedies   (YA)
sj Silhouette:   Stephanie James Collector's Edition   *
SN Silhouette Nocturne
SNB Silhouette Nocturne Bites   (short story e-book)
Song Barbour:   Heartsong Presents
Spc Harlequin:   Spice
SRS Silhouette:   Romantic Suspense
SSE Silhouette Special Edition
SSh Silhouette Shadows
SSLP Silhouette Special Edition Large Print
STT Silhouette:   TimeTwist   *
SupS Zondervan:   Serenade Super Saga
SwtD Bantam:   Sweet Dreams
SYT Silhouette Yours Truly
Tap Pocket:   Tapestry Historical
Teen Harlequin Teen
tex Harlequin/Silhouette:   Texas Love Stories   *
TFL WaterBrook:   A Time For Laughter
THH Berkley/Jove:   To Have and To Hold
TLA Zebra:   To Love Again   (large print)
trea Prestige Books:   Treasure of Love   (reissued double-books)   *
trio House of Romance:   Trio   (reissued as anthologies)   *
Val Prestige Books:   Valentine Romance
VG Avon:   Velvet Glove
WBM Warner British Mystery
west Harlequin/Silhouette:   Western Lovers   *
WFir Scholastic:   Wildfire
win Harlequin/Silhouette:   Winner's Circle   *
work Harlequin/Silhouette:   Men at Work   *
WR Warner Library of Regency Romance
WWM Worldwide:   Mystery
ZB Zebra:   Bouquet
ZBH Zebra:   Ballad Historical
ZG Ballantine:   Zodiac Gothic
ZMP A Zebra Mystery Puzzler

* reissued series (most are in lower case)

^ Mills & Boons with carats ^ after the series number are from the UK publisher.
Mills & Boons without are from the Australian publisher.

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