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How do I put together a shopping list of which books I want to purchase?

Adding your inventory and also making your shopping list is very easy.  Just press a key and the book the cursor is on will be added to either your Inventory <F7 key> or your Shopping List <F8 key>.  Then just print that out and take it along to the store.

In addition to the Inventory and Shopping list, you may create many hundreds of additional Folders which function in the same way.  Use these to keep track of all your special lists.

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What about any upgrades to the program?  Will there be a cost to upgrade?

All upgrades are included in the update subscription price.  So, as long as you're a subscriber, you will always have the latest version of BYRON.

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Do you have a Mac version?

Not at this time, unfortunately.  We hope to someday.

A few of our update subscribers, however, do use an emulator to run BYRON on their Macs. 

  • The latest we've found is CrossOver by CodeWeavers. CrossOver is $59.95 at the time of this writing. You can also purchase it for only $49.95 or $39.95 if you need only limited support.
  • In the past, a couple of users had mentioned using a program called SoftWindows for Mac, but I can't find a link to it online anymore, so perhaps it's no longer being produced.
(By the way, we are not connected to those companies in any way.  We're just passing along some hopefully helpful information for Mac owners interested in purchasing BYRON.)

A BYRON user wrote us in December 2012 to report that BYRON installed easily on CrossOver, and works with no problems.

If you're a previous BYRON user who stopped subscribing after a move to Mac, and want to try CrossOver, you don't need to order a whole new BYRON.  Returning users can order a replacement BYRON.  Write to us for details.

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Do you also have databases for genres other than Romance?

Yes.  We offer four databases:
         1.)  Romance BYRON.
         2.)  SciFi/Fantasy/Horror BYRON.
         3.)  Mystery/Suspense/True Crime BYRON.
         4.)  Adventure/Western/Spy/TechnoThriller BYRON.

Each is sold separately as a plug-in data module that current Romance, SciFi, Mystery, and Adventure BYRON users can simply add to their existing BYRON databases.

Each is also available as a completely independent BYRON for new, non-Romance, SciFi, Mystery, and Adventure users.

Updates are available for each genre. 

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Can I purchase BYRON as a gift and have it sent directly to my friend instead of to me?

Yes.  No problem at all.  Just let me know.

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Is there a discount offered for multiple orders?

Yes.  If you order three (3) or more BYRONs at one time, you may take $20 off the price of each.
For example, if ordering 3 BYRONs:
      instead of $360  (3 @ $120),  the price will be $300  (3 @ $100).

Updates, however, are discounted only if you subscribe to more than one genre.

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Do I have to snail-mail a check or can I order online with a credit card?

Either one.  You can order by credit card over the Internet through the processing service we use:

  • PayPal accepts MasterCard and Visa, Discover/Novus and American Express.

    See the ordering section for details.

    You may, if you prefer, order BYRON and the updates by snail-mailed check or money order.  Print out the order form and snail-mail it to us along with your check or money order (made payable to my name -- Connie Beck).

    And if you would like to split your payments over two months, you can do that as well.  But this option is only available when you pay with snail-mailed checks.

    (We regret we're unable to accept credit cards on orders snail-mailed to us.)

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