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Is BYRON shipped with a set database for everyone or do you update it periodically?

I'm always adding data to my personal BYRON.  New books, new data on old books, etc.  Once a month or so I make a new master version of my BYRON from which I make copies that I send to the customers who order it throughout the following month.

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How long does it take to install it on my computer?

The entire process takes less than 1 minute.  The installation program will start up automatically as soon as you double-click on the file, and it will tell you when the program has been successfully installed.  Thereafter you run BYRON from just your hard drive, so you can go ahead and store the installation file away.  You won't need it again.

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If I let my subscription expire and later re-subscribe, can I ever get those missing updates?

No, but there is a remedy.  I would have to make a special "catch-up" update for you – which costs $10 per genre.  You see, if you've let your subscription lapse and then re-subscribe later, you will get just the normal update and you will miss the database entries that were made during the time you were not a subscriber.  That gap in your database will always be there.

But if you'd like to have those "missing entries," I have to make a special update.  This ties up my computer for several hours.  That is why I charge $10 for this "catch-up" update.

This $10 is in addition to the regular update subscription and this does not count as one of your updates.  For example, a 6-per-year e-mailed subscription is $30.  A "catch-up" update is $10.  Together, that's $40 for the 7 updates.

And a "catch-up" update is only available for a limited time.  (See next question, below)

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If I purchase BYRON today, when will I need to begin the update subscription?

Your BYRON will eventually need to be updated.  Most customers choose to begin an update subscription right away.

If you decide to wait a few weeks before ordering updates, that's fine.  But don't wait too long.  My own BYRON's database grows very quickly and once you miss a few updates, it becomes harder and harder for us to make a special comprehensive update for you. 

You see, every update not only adds more book data to your BYRON, it also upgrades your BYRON software with the latest version.  Each update is a step.  And if you've skipped too many updates, it's just too difficult to convert your old BYRON to the many-steps-ahead version that's the current one.

And if the gap stretches to about 18 months or so, it's too late – updates are no longer possible.  You will need to purchase a new replacement BYRON.  (At a substantial discount, though, so just let me know.)  And if the gap is about 5 years or so, too much has changed and you'll need to purchase a new BYRON at the regular price.

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What if I forget to install an update?  Will the same data be repeated in my next update?

No.  Each update only picks up where the last one left off.  No data is duplicated.  So don't skip one, thinking the next one will bring you up-to-date anyway.  It won't!

Install each update as soon as you can after you receive it.

And if by chance you have trouble installing it, please let me know right away so I can send you another.  I don't keep old updates around for long, so time is of the essence.

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How far in advance are the new romance releases entered into the database?

Approximately 3 months in advance.  In July, BYRON contains upcoming book data through October, and even beyond.  So, it is always several months ahead of the what's on the bookstore shelves.

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How far back does the list go?  Are just popular authors, favorites, and hard-to-find listed?

The romance database contains every romance title I can find.  All the numbered Series (such as Harlequin, Loveswept, Candlelight, etc.).  Historicals, Regencies, Contemporaries.  Classics, such as by Jane Austen and the Brontė sisters from the early 1800s, and The Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Sheik, etc.  Older romance novels such as by Barbara Cartland, Grace Livingston Hill, Georgette Heyer, etc.  "Glitz" such as by Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, etc.  BYRON contains every romance I can find.  And with the authors' backlists as complete as I can make it.

I'm always looking for more, and now and then will find some books I missed before.  Or even some details I've missed, such as character names, locales or plot themes.  So, the database is constantly being added to, even new information on older books.

BYRON will always be an ongoing project.

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Are fantasy and futuristic novels listed?

Yes.  As long as they're romances.  I haven't added straight Science Fiction or Fantasy to the Romance database.  (Straight SciFi and Fantasy are in the SciFi database, of course.)

BYRON also contains TimeTravels, Reincarnation, Vampire, Werewolf, Angel, Ghost, Witch/Warlock, Genie, etc. romances.  With publication dates, character names, time periods, plot points, series numbers, reissues, etc.  And sequels (or Groups) are shown, too.  Example:  Book #2 in the Draycott Abbey group.  Press a key and the complete list of books in that group shows up.

And all are searchable.

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What are the "Price" fields for?

These are blank when you first receive BYRON.  Each book (and each reissue, as well) has a Quantity space for you to fill in, and two Price spaces.  Some users want to type in the cover price and the price they actually paid for the book.  Others want to type in the price they paid and the price they feel the book's collectible value is.  You may even choose to use only one of the Price spaces and leave the other blank.

BYRON will even calculate your totals.  But the Quantity space must be filled in for that book's cost or price to be counted.  So, you can just type in the cover price if you know it and it won't be counted, and later on when you actually buy the book you can type in the quantity -- only then will it be counted in the total value of your book collection.  So, you can feel free to type in cover prices any time.

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