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Backing Up

In BYRON, run the function "Exit and save data" in the File menu.

Under certain conditions, this "Exit and save data" function may not be available on your PC.  If not, please email us for alternative instructions.

The first two functions are for transferring to a CD, and the next two would be to send it to an external drive. It's best to use the option that includes the cover images if you have the space for them. If you do not retain the cover images, BYRON will try to download them again when it opens each book window.

The fifth option, "create a quick copy on this same drive," places a copy of BYRON's data files into a separate folder below the main BYRON directory. It's for your convenience, but does not provide safety in the event of a hard-disk crash.

If you are transferring to a CD:

This, in itself, does not create the CD yet.  You will then see a message telling you that files are waiting in a transfer area that Windows has.  From there you will need to follow the prompt to make a CD.  It will show you the folder from which it is transferring.  If you had other non-BYRON files of your own to transfer, you may consider adding them at that point.

If you are transferring to an external drive:

The program will ask you to select a drive letter.  It will then transfer the data to that other drive.

Transferring Your Data to a New PC

To move your data to a new PC, follow the instructions above to back up your data.

Once you have it on a CD or external drive, and you're ready to reinstall, then look for BYRONReinstaller.exe on that drive's folder.  Run that, and it should do the installing.  (Go to if you don't have BYRONReinstaller.exe.)

If you decide to move the files yourself, you should not place these files under the C:\Program Files folder.  Vista and Windows 7 don't like data files being placed there.

The first time you run BYRON on your new PC, it will probably need to install a BDE, which means it will send you to the BYRON website.  It will also need to run Spiffi to rebuild the index files.  It should be smart enough to tell you that.

If you need more assistance then please do not hesitate to contact Randy right away.